Is a principled life more valuable than a billion-dollar inheritance?

Hoping for an emotional reset, an intrepid young widow leaves her New York City penthouse for a neglected Wyoming homestead with a hidden legacy of lawlessness, suffocating family ties, and scandal.

Legacies, a novel in progress

About Susan

Susan is a storyteller and poet, a lover of this planet and the people who share it with her. She is inspired by the unity of the human condition and the way our vastly different desires have the power to bring us together. Fascinated by history, she haunts flea markets and antique stores, seeking to resurrect the best parts of bygone days.

Susan works in a restored railroad depot in a small Colorado town, managing construction projects with her husband, Scott. Fascinated with history and inspired by lore passed to her by a family of outspoken and idealistic personages, Susan loves stories that shed light on historical accomplishments and throwback eras. Most often, you will find her writing about everyday people of character.

Pushing the Pendulum

A Civil War-era lady follows her suitor to a prestigious all-male engineering college, where she proves her mettle as an inventor, a lover, and a crusader for human rights.

A work in progress

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Kittie Smith | Suffragist. Peddler of Resilience. Purveyor of Moxie. Everyday person of character.

Compiling articles about people of everyday character, Kittie Smith earned her place through extraordinary feats of determination over the course of her life. Ever since I was old enough to remember, and especially since I lost my arms, I have been an object of charity, and the little money I have been able to earn came slow and required hours of hard work. – Kittie Smith Katherine ‘Kittie’ M. Smith, was born on October 29, 1882 in Chicago, Illinois. When she was nine years old, her mother passed away suddenly, leaving Kittie under the care of her father William Smith,…

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