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Twenty-seven-year-old widow, Ellen Colton evades her past, allowing her Manhattan billionaire father to direct her life. Inside a grief she cannot see past, believing her father holds her best interests, she marries his protégé and settles into a loveless marriage. When her father and new husband pressure her to have a child to replace the one she lost along with her first husband, she escapes to rural Wyoming and the romantic notion of a homesteading life inspired by a bygone era—with a twist.

Ellen wants nothing less than full independence.

But life on her new Midwest ranch is not what Ellen expects. Her father’s far-reaching influence thwarts her every turn, the eccentric community is less-than-receptive to outsiders, and the land on which she settles lies at the heart of a family legacy, equal parts idyllic and corrupt. With the help of the family’s mercurial, outcast son, Ellen digs her heels into the mineral-rich soil and vows to remain, even if the cost of liberation is her life.

Pushing the Pendulum

Nettie Mosher has it all. Akin to the fashion plate in Godey’s Lady’s Book, she’s the picture of morality and intellect. President of the Sugar Grove Ladies Aid Society and active on her family farm, she’s courted by the most sought-after aristocrat bachelor in the county and is poised to become Mrs. Henry Cavendish III but for one thing.

Nettie cannot hold her opinions.

Growing up next door to Asa Bishop, a prominent physicist, instilled Nettie with the belief that her love of science can overcome society’s restrictions on women.

When Henry moves away to attend engineering school and begins courting another, Nettie overcomes the college’s prohibition of female students and finds a way to attend classes, determined to win Henry back. But engineering school is poles apart from the sewing circles and forced smiles of the Sugar Grove Ladies Aid Society; and when her fellow students enlist to fight in the Civil War, Nettie undertakes the battle of her life to prove her mettle as an inventor, fight for love, and for her future.