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Twenty-seven-year-old Ellen Jasper is a headstrong heiress from Manhattan who is seeking independence from her overbearing father by joining a Wyoming-based community of modern homesteaders, where she also hopes to start a bakery. Twenty-eight-year-old Max Corbett wants to franchise his successful steakhouse, move away from his hometown of Higgins, Wyoming and get clear of menacing family in-fighting as well as a dark secret. From the moment they meet, their sizzling relationship adds fuel to the simmering fires on both sides, pitting brother against brother and restructuring loyalties. Readers will appreciate how Morris provides her story with the propulsive elements of dysfunctional-family drama that has kept viewers spellbound by Succession and Yellowstone.

Pushing the Pendulum

Gossips whisper that oil heiress Elisabeth Mosher rides horseback in men’s clothing with a rifle slung over her shoulder. The rumors are true until she takes an even bolder step. Seeking the freedom men take for granted, she disguises herself as a young man and enlists as a soldier, confronting thieves, illnesses, Johnny Rebels, and one especially bothersome cardsharp tasked with bringing her home. Love doesn’t invariably wait for war’s end, and Elisabeth’s quest may cost her more than the fortune she abandoned. The novel combines dramatic elements of Mulan with the history of the 151st Pennsylvania Volunteers as they fought for the Union.