Book Projects


Headstrong 27-year-old heiress Ellen Jasper would rather donate her multi-million-dollar trust fund to charity than be a pawn in her father’s life-arranging games. Which is exactly what she does. But starting over in Wyoming with a new bakery and simpler means turns infinitely more complicated when her investment banker father’s business agenda threatens her fresh start.

Ellen wants nothing less than full independence.

But life on her new Mountain West ranch is not what Ellen expects. Her father’s far-reaching influence thwarts her every turn, the eccentric community is less-than-receptive to outsiders, and the land on which she settles lies at the heart of a family legacy, equal parts idyllic and corrupt. With the help of the family’s mercurial, outcast son, Ellen digs her heels into the mineral-rich soil and vows to remain, even if the cost of liberation is her life.

Pushing the Pendulum

When Civil War era debutante Nettie Mosher is told she can’t attend engineering school as a woman, she finds employment, auditing courses at an all-male engineering college. But the headmaster—who believes women’s brains are smaller and more fragile than men’s—kicks her out for using the laboratory.

Nettie wants nothing less than justice.

Determined to prove the headmaster wrong about women’s mental frailty, she disguises herself as a man to volunteer with the 151st Pennsylvania Infantry. But the military ignores her expertise with cannons and slots her into a role as a medic—with her debilitating fear of blood and squeamish stomach—Nettie must choose between sacrificing her dreams to crusade for the greater good and betraying her military commitment for personal gain.