My goal as an author and artist is to expose the adversity and courage of everyday people of character, in their high-flying journey toward becoming better humans.

My characters face complex choices, where right and wrong seems convoluted and the consequences are life or death. In these stories, I highlight the struggles inherent with choice. My characters don’t always make the right choices—I don’t presume to know right or wrong in some situations—but it is in the push that they realize the best versions of themselves.

No one who is known for his or her greatness, can’t also be cited for their follies. Most people admit to having been on both sides of right or wrong choices at different times in their lives. I count myself among that crowd.

My stories ask, what makes humans better?

History and observing people around us can teach about choices. Human desires and convictions, as varied as they are, unify us because they demonstrate our shared ability to reason. It’s this human quality of choice that makes humans capable of great inventions and heroics and capable of terrible deeds.

I’m inspired by this unity of the human condition, sometimes painfully flawed, and sometimes breathtakingly hallowed. Our vastly different perspectives, expectations, and hopes have the power to unite us.

“It’s this ability to desire beyond basic survival that has the power to bring us together in objective thought.”

The important realization often covered in my blog, everyday people of character, is that no “superior” leader is going to change the world, or even one person’s life. A leader may be inspirational, providing a pathway of guidance and support, but ultimately, each person is responsible and accountable for their choices and our part in the society we have created.

It’s easy to look at historic figures, who loom heroic from pages of history texts and biographies and think they were better humans. Individuals and biographers take snippets of history, often preserving only part of the story. So much is lost in translation, not only as people live one day to the next, but also as time passes and details become lost. The path toward greatness is shadowed by uncertainty and self-doubt. Some journeys are exceptional because of the choices made along the way.

From the broader collective of society, it’s possible to look at the shining stars of our time, and think those people are exceptions, gifted in ways that would make their achievements otherwise unattainable, but such thinking robs these notable people of the effort and of the courage it has taken to actualize their convictions and dreams.

It also limits the everyday member of society, robbing them of hope that they too can accomplish great things.

“The point of unity and humanity is our ability to reason and our ability to desire, our ability to choose incorrectly, and our ability to choose to live as everyday people of character.”

I want to write stories and share inspiration to impart hope to people like me, who dream of making the best possible choices.

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